Artist's Bio
I have always expressed myself best via drawing, painting and ceramics. In the 90's I used a process that involved crayons, ink and modeling paste subjected to heat.  I have made Christmas cards from hand made papers, drawings and watercolors but lately, I have folded the pages of used books, then altered them further with drawings.

My preferred medium changes with the seasons.  I work with oils and/or ceramics in the warmer months, watercolors and acrylic paintings in colder months.

My home and studio are located on top of a mountain near Jasper, Arkansas, with a 12-mile view of the Henson valley.  I have chickens and also sheep that mow my yard. There is an abundance of wildlife such as turkey, elk and bear to photograph and draw in this area. There are many nearby sites to visit/explore -- from the beautiful Buffalo River to Boxley Valley where there is an established herd of elk.

Future plans include an offer of a 3-day stay, with use of my studio and the availability of life drawing. The studio/gallery is shown by appointment 11a.m. - 4p.m. on Saturdays, from May through September. . Please call in advance of your visit.

Phyllis Roat Hurd
Art Studio-Gallery